About H-DCS

H-DCS is a non-profit association for owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.Harley-Davidson Club Sweden

The club was founded in 1970 and is today the world’s largest independent Harley Club with almost 8,000 members. Our business is divided into 12 districts that cover the entire country, where each district organizes its own local runs, meetings, various events such as bowling and pub nights, etc. Everything is done by members for members since the start. The purpose of the association is to gather members and promote their common interest in Harley-Davidson through regular meetings, in accordance with the H-DCS meeting policy. The meetings include bikers of all ages from different districts in Sweden and from other countries.

Our core values ​​are Community – Freedom – Friendship


H-DCS is a member of the Federations of Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe. H-DCS organizes meetings centrally or at district level for its members. Every year an International Meeting is organized where all H-D bikers are welcome. Members receive the club magazine H-D Enthusiast four times a year. H-DCS has a member shop where we offer our members clothes and accessories on our web shop.

Membership for overseas residents

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